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Wow, working with Phil was great, this was actually my first photoshoot, now I feel like I want to become a model, he’s kind, nice and personable. His shoots are amazing and has a great talent, now I’m going to do photo shoots with him, only him.

Charlize, NY

Working with Phil was amazing!! This was my first time doing a photoshoot and The pictures came out amazing!! I was a little nervous at first but after a while I wasn’t! Phil made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. Working with him was really fun and I enjoyed every minute!

Can’t wait to work with him again!!

Jennifer, NY

This was my first time doing professional pictures EVER! I was extremely nervous and shy, but phill made me super comfortable! Very fun and exciting shoot! This definitely won’t be the last time. He took me out my comfort zone & this is a shoot I will never forget.

I really recommend for people to shoot with him you won’t be disappointed!!! :)

Bridget, NY

Phil is an incredible individual to work with. He’s a easy going person, always ready to answer questions. He will always keep you informed as the shoot is progressing about how he’s adjusting his camera, about the lighting.. I ensure you that you’ll leave with general knowledge of photography and some BOMB ASS PICTURES.

I’ve worked with many photographers, Phil is definitely someone worth your money and time.

Noshin, NY

This was my first time ever taking professional photos so I was really nervous and felt really awkward lol but, working with Phil he made me feel extremely comfortable.

I would recommend anyone to work with him. He really is a great vibe to be around while shooting! Will def be going back to him.

Destiny, NY

I loved working with Phil ! It was my first time ever getting behind a camera and I’m very happy I got to experience that with him. I was very shy at first but he made sure I was comfortable and after a while I was able to let loose.

I loved the photographs and he’s definitely the first person I would recommend.

Leslie, NY

Phil was recommended to me through a few friends and I couldn't be more grateful. He was professional, dependable and easy going throughout our entire experience.

I received pictures promptly and was even able to order poster sized prints as gifts with his help. Phil has a way of capturing photos like no other with a humbled personality. I will be working with him in the future and will continue to recommend him for any events I hear of or coordinate myself.

You won't be disappointed.

Taryn, NY

This was my first time ever taking professional photos so. Wa really nervous and felt really awkward lol but, working with Phil he made me feel extremely comfortable. I would recommend anyone to work with him. He really is a great vibe to be around while shooting! Will def be going back to him.

I really recommend working with him, he is very helpful when it comes to the shoot, he will make you feel comfortable during each picture. Not only that, but his pictures come out outstanding. One of my best shoots so far.

Mariana, NY

Working with Phil was great! Not only did he make me feel comfortable and confident, but he taught me more about photography and made me want to start shooting more.

Liane, NY

Phil is an outstanding photographer as well as a person. He's very genuine and respectful. A person can learn a lot working with him. My experience with him had been great. I'm very comfortable shooting with him and he helps me with my poses and teaches me about photography in general.

Overall it's a wonderful experience working with Phil. I would recommend him to anyone, I promise they won't regret it!

Savannah, NY

Phil is honestly such a genuinely nice person. He really strives to make all his clients feel comfortable especially when it comes to going out of the box with his photoshoots. I loved shooting with him, he is such a great photographer. He takes pride in his work and not many people can actually say the same.

I’m definitely excited to say that I chose one of the best photographers in Yonkers to shoot my photoshoot and I can’t wait to keep pushing the envelope all 2018 with Capital P Photography!

Alexandra, NYC

One of the best shoots I’ve ever had. he’s so fun to be around and very easy to get comfortable with. Loved shooting with him!

Sapir, NYC

After working with Capital P not only did I gain more knowledge about modeling, but I also learned more about photography. He is a very kind, respectful person and is very professional. The environment was also very relaxed and fun. I love how the photos came out and can't wait to see the final product. 100% recommend!

Yosmi, NYC

I never engaged in a photoshoot before, but once I scrolled through Phil's Instagram's page, I saw all the glamorous girls on there and immedietly approached the idea of doing one. I was a bit nervous at first because I never met a professional photographer at all, but the photo session with Phil went along swimmingly. Phil is so genuine and hospitable as he introduced and guided me to methods of poses during our session, the techniques of his camera, and the most spectacular places to take pictures during it.

Years before this, I never really liked having my pictures taken (nor did I manifest in taking selfies), but once Phil snapped several photos, they were breath-taking! Plus, he always gets the perfect shot!!! Phil takes the most amazing photos of individuals. Besides, he makes the atmosphere during the session memorable and fun! I highly recommend booking Phil as anyone's main photographer because he relentlessly puts a lot of effort into his photography sessions, he indulges in making the sessions pleasurable for him and the models, and he always strategizes the perfect angles for the perfect snaps! Nevertheless, Phil has outstanding talent in photography, and he makes everyone realize it!

Maggie, NY

My Experience with Phil Has Always Been Great !

You can tell He knows and Loves what He does. The Pictures Always Turn out AMAZING ! & No matter what He's Very Professional at what he does. Plus, He can sure get you to smile even when you're a Little Camera Shy. I Recommend Phil to everyone and anyone Looking for a Great photographer who's dedicated to what he does.

Ashlee, NY

After my first photoshoot with Capital P Photography I had gained so much knowledge in a short amount of time! During the photoshoot Phil makes sure you are comfortable, and gets to know you as a person. I have never felt more comfortable modeling for a photographer as he truly cared about helping and guiding me.

He is a personable, respectful and professional photographer who takes breath taking photos. I look forward to working with him in the future and recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer!

Gillian, NY

Working with Phil was an amazing experience. I was very comfortable throughout the entire shoot. He keeps things professional and fun which is very important for a good photoshoot. You will not regret working with him! Phil keeps working until he gets that perfect shot.

Ellen, Model

My experience working with Phil really changed my perspectives on modeling. It was so much fun! I had more fun modeling with Phil than hanging out with my friends, and that's called good work! His pictures are filled with a essence of magic in them and mystery. Amazing

Naticia, NY

My name is Samiya. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Phil one day and I just wanted to share how awesome it was. I have known Phil for some time now but it was only recently that I got to see this beautiful side of Phil. His genuine love for photography is palpable with his professional yet affable demeanor. This was my first time having had pictures taken professionally. I was a tad bit nervous at first and I needed some suggestions for poses. Phil was so patient and helpful and provided me with various options to pose. I had a few requests for the outcome of the photos and Phil was so helpful and worked effortlessly to work around my requests. I loved the fact Phil gave me the opportunity to give my input. This experience was so professional yet comfortable enough for me to feel beautiful!

Samiya Ahmed, NY

Working with Phil was an incredible experience. I was comfortable around him and the photoshoot was exciting. I would recommend him to anyone that I know not only because he's a good photographer, but because he puts his time into the work he does.

Madelyn Singh, NY

I never thought about modeling until I started working with Phil. He just makes you feel so comfortable and lets you have fun. He takes amazing photos and always gets the perfect shot.

I would recommend Phil to anything who is thinking about modeling. You could look like a potaoe and his pictures will have you looking like a five star meak. His pictures let you see the beauty within yourself.

Azara, NY

Working with Phil was an amazing experience. It had been my first time modeling for anyone and he made sure I was as comfortable as possible. When seeing pictures of ourselves, it's normal for us to find our flaws and focus solely on that. However, he made it a point to let me know that flaws are never focused on until we point them out ourselves. So with that alone, he made the atmosphere fun and memorable. This experience turned out being one that I would never forget and something that I would definitely do again in the future.

Tabby, NY