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After my first photoshoot with Capital P Photography I had gained so much knowledge in a short amount of time! During the photoshoot Phil makes sure you are comfortable, and gets to know you as a person. I have never felt more comfortable modeling for a photographer as he truly cared about helping and guiding me.

He is a personable, respectful and professional photographer who takes breath taking photos. I look forward to working with him in the future and recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer!

Gillian, Model

Working with Phil was an amazing experience. I was very comfortable throughout the entire shoot. He keeps things professional and fun which is very important for a good photoshoot. You will not regret working with him! Phil keeps working until he gets that perfect shot.

Ellen, Model

My experience working with Phil really changed my perspectives on modeling. It was so much fun! I had more fun modeling with Phil than hanging out with my friends, and that's called good work! His pictures are filled with a essence of magic in them and mystery. Amazing

Naticia, Model

My name is Samiya. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Phil one day and I just wanted to share how awesome it was. I have known Phil for some time now but it was only recently that I got to see this beautiful side of Phil. His genuine love for photography is palpable with his professional yet affable demeanor. This was my first time having had pictures taken professionally. I was a tad bit nervous at first and I needed some suggestions for poses. Phil was so patient and helpful and provided me with various options to pose. I had a few requests for the outcome of the photos and Phil was so helpful and worked effortlessly to work around my requests. I loved the fact Phil gave me the opportunity to give my input. This experience was so professional yet comfortable enough for me to feel beautiful!

Samiya Ahmed, Blogger

Working with Phil was an incredible experience. I was comfortable around him and the photoshoot was exciting. I would recommend him to anyone that I know not only because he's a good photographer, but because he puts his time into the work he does.

Madelyn Singh, Queens, NY

I never thought about modeling until I started working with Phil. He just makes you feel so comfortable and lets you have fun. He takes amazing photos and always gets the perfect shot.

I would recommend Phil to anything who is thinking about modeling. You could look like a potaoe and his pictures will have you looking like a five star meak. His pictures let you see the beauty within yourself.

Azara, Queens, NY

Working with Phil was an amazing experience. It had been my first time modeling for anyone and he made sure I was as comfortable as possible. When seeing pictures of ourselves, it's normal for us to find our flaws and focus solely on that. However, he made it a point to let me know that flaws are never focused on until we point them out ourselves. So with that alone, he made the atmosphere fun and memorable. This experience turned out being one that I would never forget and something that I would definitely do again in the future.

Tabby, Yonkers, NY